Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Relaxation as a way forward

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Does the body, your body, have self healing power?

Can you notice when you are feeling good? There is a little extra spring in your step, a smile on your face and a glow in your heart. Yes, the body does have internal processes to return the body to a low stress level and balanced state, if it didn’t we would never get that smile. So, if the body has the capacity and capability of staying in, or returning to balance, what keeps it off track or out of kilter? It can be simple things like a knock on the knee that made walking awkward for a while, and in turn, the back muscles tightened, that lead to a disturbed nights sleep, then while feeling a little ‘off’ and ‘stressed’ at the start of the next day, anger and tension bubbled up, over a small incident, that upset the normal eating patterns and more….., now the body has a whole series of things to solve and release to bring itself back into balance.

Relaxation more than rest

Relaxation is key to the unraveling that is required. The digestion will smooth, the liver will clear the toxins, the heart will calm, and the muscles will relax, clearing the way for balance to return and all with Neutral-Space Relaxation®.

Train to be one of our Neutral-Space Practitioners, or facilitate the education of others in the techniques and skills of Relaxation.  
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